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ADP back-burners virtualization, cranks up heat on automated change management

CTO says understanding the physical server infrastructure must come before virtualization gets added in

By , Network World
August 20, 2007 12:09 AM ET

Network World - Randy Terbush has a twofold mission for his next-generation, on-demand IT infrastructure: to tighten software-delivery cycles and to introduce more automation.

This savvy and veteran CTO at Automatic Data Processing, a $7 billion business-transaction-processing firm, knows virtualization holds the key. "In order to get to our utility computing vision, we need to virtualize the hardware across the board -- for storage, the network and the CPU," he says. But before Terbush unleashes a complex virtual environment, he hopes automated change-management tools will help him simplify his physical one.

Randy Terbush, ADP

"A lot of organizations have charged down the path to deploy virtualization, but they haven't given the same effort to how they're going to manage it all," says Terbush, who is also vice president of enterprise technology architecture at ADP. "The way I approach the problem is to first get a handle on the physical machines; then we can start using virtualization to add to our resources."

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