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Outlook 2010
A look ahead
Outlook 2010 Cautious optimism shapes new year
hype machine What's hot in the high-tech hype machine?
10 start-ups to watch in 2010 10 start-ups to watch in 2010 Mitchell Ashely Microsoft makeover
Our bloggers say Microsoft could use some help with pricing, mobile and support.
IT skills checklist: Outlook 2010 IT skills checklist: The vertical climb Jim Duffy Cisco makeover
Our bloggers want Cisco to revamp their video, org charts and network management systems.
2020 Vision 2020 Vision: Why you won't recognize the 'Net in 10 years Backspin 2010 Outlook: Better than 2009 and moderately wild
A look back
Microsoft 13 of Microsoft's most important product releases for 2009
One surprise release stunned the industry.
Nortel Nortel in '09: Dismantling of a tech stalwart
Nortel's exit played out all year, beginning with bankruptcy filings.
Linux From the White House to (no kidding) Microsoft, open source shined in '09
The struggling economy turned out to be favorable for Linux and open source in 2009.
Software Recession not all bad for enterprise software users
The troubled economy led vendors to adopt user-friendly policies.
Ginger SLIDESHOW: End-of-the-decade technology quiz
Test yourself on the biggest, best, wackiest tech events since the turn of the century.
A look back
Ethernet switch market Data centers drive Ethernet switch market in 2010
Cisco is still the target of Avaya, HP, IBM and other data center players.
Nortel Nortel purchase to test Avaya big time
Combined Avaya-Nortel will do battle with Cisco for unified communications supremacy.
Merger Tech mergers and acquisitions to grow in 2010
Tech companies have started buying again, and analysts expect the trend to continue.
5 must-have IT management technologies 5 must-have IT management technologies for 2010
LTE Don't expect fireworks from LTE in 2010    

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