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Cool Yule Tools 2011

Portable Entertainment Tech Treasures [2011 Cool Yule Tools]

Presenting the gems in portable entertainment.

By Network World Staff, Network World
November 21, 2011 12:09 AM ET

Network World - In the category of portable entertainment, what once was filled with different portable music players has been replaced instead by accessories that go along with the iPod, iPhone or other smartphone device that can play music. Listening to music is no longer dedicated to a single device, but part of a comprehensive device. Instead, our portable entertainment category features a variety of cool earphones and speaker systems that you can take along with you when you travel or go running.

Watch a slideshow version of some of these products.

Products reviewed in this category
Jambox Bluetooth speakers, by Jawbone
Zipbuds earphones, by Digital Group Audio
People Get Ready earphones, by The House of Marley
True Fidelity Sound Isolation Sport Earphones, by Able Planet
Rock-IT 2.0 portable vibration speaker, by OrigAudio
EP-100 earphones, by dBLogic (division of Harman)
People Get Ready headphones – Redemption Song version, by The House of Marley
Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player, by SanDisk
MusiCALL stereo bluetooth headset, by Bluetrek
Legion ear buds, by iFrogz
Foxl personal audiophile loudspeaker, by Soundmatters

The reviews

Jambox Bluetooth speaker, by Jawbone
The Jambox is a very stylish and small Bluetooth speaker shaped like a small brick, but light enough to travel with, yet powerful enough to produce fantastic sound from your portable music player or smartphone (up to 85 decibels of sound). The speakers also produce 360-degrees of sound, so you can place it in the middle of a room and people in front, to the sides or behind the speaker will be able to hear the sound. In addition to producing music for your smartphone or music player, the Jambox works with apps on the device, and can also produce sound from apps on your tablet, so you can get better sound when playing games or watching movies, for example.

The Jambox also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker phone – if you’re listening to music and a call comes in, the device pauses the audio and turns into the speaker phone. The 360-degree speakers then make it very optimal for a conference room situation where everyone around the conference table can hear the caller.

Buttons on the Jambox are simple, on the top of the unit there are two volume buttons (plus and minus), and a circular talk button that also wakes up the device for pairing with your Bluetooth phone or music player. On one side of the Jambox is the on/off and pairing switch (the on/off switch is good for saving battery life), a 3.5mm audio input for connecting an audio player directly, and a Micro USB charging port. I particularly liked how Jawbone gives you everything in the box, including two different charging cable lengths, the audio cable, a power outlet charger and a carrying case for the Jambox. It comes in a choice of four cool colors (red dot, black diamond, blue wave or grey hex).

One additional nice touch – the Jambox has an internal voice that tells you whether it’s in pairing mode, when the device is connected, and how much battery life the device has left. This definitely makes the pairing process much easier than without a voice.

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