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Cool Yule Tools 2013

Gift Guide 2013: Work gadgets

Become more productive with these handy work-related gizmos

By , Network World
November 18, 2013 07:01 AM ET

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Cool Yule Elf / Reviewer: Keith Shaw


Product: EX7220 wireless WXGA 3LCD projector
Company: EPSON
Price: $650
Buy this for: Anyone looking for a wireless business projector with the latest video connections that can also use it for personal use scenarios.

The EX7220 projector is billed as a business and education monitor, and there are a ton of interesting and cool features on it (for example, HDMI connectivity, wireless connection to stream content from iPad, Android devices, iPhones, etc.). But we decided to test it out by bringing it to a barn for a Halloween party.

A friend wanted to project some scary movies inside a barn for a party they were throwing at a local farm. I unboxed the unit for the first time on-site, and with zero knowledge and a “Who needs instructions?” attitude, was able to set up the EX7220 in a matter of minutes. Once we connected to our computer, the projector took over from there. It displayed a brilliant image (it has a 3,000 lumen brightness and native resolution of 1,280 by 800 (WXGA) pixels), bright enough to easily see the movie “28 Days Later” from 25 feet away, and with perfect clarity. We setup a few more movies to stream via VLC, and left the projector alone to do its thing.

The unit never overheated and the image didn’t fade out after several hours of constant use. It became the hit of the party, and is highly recommended for both personal uses as well as any of your business or educational needs.

Cool Yule Elf / Reviewer: Dan Hunt

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