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Remains of the Day: Google is a lean, green machine
Sure, Apple made a hojillion dollars this quarter, but that doesn't mean the rest of the tech industry has rolled over and died (they haven't,...
Google Invests in Wind Farm: And 5 More Investments
Google plans to become carbon neutral at the same time promote green energy by entering into a 20-year agreement to buy power from an Iowa wind farm....
How An ERP System Can Help Manage Your Company's Energy Use
ERP data provides the key to cutting energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions for the City of Palo Alto
Google signs 20-year deal to buy wind power
Google has signed a 20-year agreement to buy energy from a wind farm in Iowa, giving it access to enough renewable energy to supply several of its...
BT enters smart meter fray
The potentially lucrative smart meter market has seen a new competitor enter the fray, after BT said it was looking for large contracts.
Firm promises new take on containerized data centers
I/o Data Centers hopes to leapfrog the competition by developing what it claims will be a new, more integrated type of containerized data center, the...
Standard proposed for measuring data center efficiency
A group of organizations led by The Green Grid has recommended a standard way for data centers to measure their Power Usage Effectiveness, aiming to...
Virtualization no cure-all for data center energy crunch
Virtualization gave data center managers some breathing room in their battle against rising energy use, but more changes are needed to keep pace with...
Energy Efficient Ethernet being put to the test
The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL)  has begun testing Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) products to make sure they work...