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Sookasa mitigates compliance risk of file sharing cloud services

Toward the end of 2012, the file storage company Nasuni released data indicating one in five employees admits to using Dropbox at work, even if it’s against company policy. The usage numbers have probably gotten higher since because Dropbox claims to have more than 275 million users.

CIOs and CISOs hate to admit it, but they know employees use Dropbox and other unauthorized cloud services like Gmail to enhance productivity. Personal email systems and file synchronization and sharing tools have become prevalent in the business world, even if they are not officially sanctioned. Even if you look at highly regulated industries like healthcare, education, legal and financial services, you’ll see high penetration of consumer-oriented cloud services.

Perhaps the biggest problem resulting from use of such services is the scattering of files. If you look at services like Dropbox, Box, Gmail, Evernote and numerous others, they all have a similar property. They don’t just keep a copy of your data in the cloud; they also scatter or download a copy of that data to all your devices through synchronization. And if you share a file with someone else, the data goes onto their devices as well.

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