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Red Hat adds muscle to Docker container technology
Red Hat is looking to advance the Docker Linux container application for wider enterprise use.
Canonical's new Ubuntu focuses on the long haul
As organizations move in-house systems to the cloud, Canonical wants them to consider switching their OSes as well.
Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160): An overview of the problem and the resources needed to fix it
After only a few days, the Internet is still buzzing with news surrounding CVE-2014-0160, better known as the Heartbleed vulnerability. CSO has...
Wall Street Beat: Mixed news for tech puts dent in sector confidence
Mixed news for hardware and some disappointing software vendor financial reports this week appeared to put a dent in confidence in the IT sector.
3 easy Linux alternatives for Windows XP refugees who don't want a new PC
Windows XP's refugees have two choices on April 8, when Microsoft stops supporting the decade-old operating system (for consumers, anyway). This...
Red Hat CEO: PaaS is the new application server
In an interview with InfoWorld, CEO Jim Whitehurst discusses Red Hat's ambitions with the cloud and OpenShift
Linux Foundation to offer introductory Linux MOOC on edX
The Linux Foundation will offer a Linux development course on edX, the massive open online course (MOOC) platform developed by the Massachusetts...
Red Hat Enterprise Linux now on Amazon's GovCloud
RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) is now available on Amazon Web Services' GovCloud, an isolated part of Amazon's cloud designed for U.S....
Wind River outfits VxWorks for 'Internet of things'
Wind River Systems has updated its widely used VxWorks embedded RTOS (real-time operating system) to make it ready for use on impending...
Why Ford is dumping Microsoft for Blackberry's QNX OS
Ford is reportedly set to replace the Windows-based Sync platform in its cars with an open-source based system used by several other automakers.
Why Ford is dumping Microsoft for Blackberry's QNX OS
Ford is reportedly set to replace the Windows-based Sync platform in its cars with an open source Linux-based system used by several other automakers.
North Korea goes OSX-like with new operating system
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, might the folks in Cupertino be pleased when they see the latest version of North Korea's...
Red Hat takes more active role in CentOS, funds developers
Red Hat plans to take a greater role in the community developing CentOS, in the hope of attracting more paying customers to Red Hat Enterprise Linux...
Moving a city to Linux needs political backing, says Munich project leader
This year saw the completion of the city of Munich's switch to Linux, a move that began about ten years ago. "One of the biggest lessons...
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 issued in beta form
For the next generation of its flagship enterprise Linux distribution, Red Hat aims to support new cloud technologies while preserving the ways of...
Oracle integrates DTrace debugger into its Linux distribution
Oracle has fully integrated the long-awaited Linux DTrace debugging tool into the latest release of its Linux distribution, potentially allowing...
New OpenSUSE embraces 64-bit ARM
Joining Fedora and Ubuntu, the new version of the community driven OpenSUSE can now be run on AArch64 processors, further preparing the market for...
USENIX: Red Hat prepares for 64-bit ARM servers
Enterprise open-source software vendor Red Hat is keeping an eye on the development of 64-bit ARM processors for servers, building up expertise in...
Linux 4.0 may have only bug fixes, no new features
Linux operating system creator Linus Torvalds has proposed that Linux 4.0, an upcoming release of the open-source software, should be dedicated to...
Beginner-friendly Linux distro SolusOS to shut down
Developer Ikey Doherty announced this week that work on SolusOS, a Debian-based distro aimed at beginning Linux users, would come to a halt.