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MongoDB 2.6 - NoSQL all grown up

NoSQL databases have been bursting into the market for a few years now. However, many DBAs still winked and smiled when discussing NoSQL, the way an older cousin looks down on a younger relative. Cute and sassy, but really if you want to play with toys, go ahead. With the latest release of MongoDB, that is just not the case anymore. MongoDB 2.6 is NoSQL all grown up.

Yes, we know how much money some of the leading NoSQLs have raised. Yes, we know how some of the unicorns of the web used NoSQL for incredible scalability and speed, but NoSQL in general was thought to be lacking in several areas. One was security. Another was ease of use, support, and, probably most of all, overall maturity.

With this release, MongoDB has really raised the bar. I recently caught up with Kelly Stirman, Director of Product at MongoDB. Kelly said everyone at MongoDB is very excited with 2.6. It seems to have something for everyone. The feedback from the community and customers has been fantastic.

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