Create connected devices by dragging and dropping

Network World | May 28, 2015

Little to no coding skills are required with this do-it-yourself hardware kit from Sony-backed Mesh Project.

The Mesh Project lets everyone be an inventor with these wireless blocks.
The Mesh Project is a Sony-backed startup that has created an easy-to-use kit using wireless blocks so even people with no programming or hardware skills can make something original/inventions.
Takehiro Hagiwara
Project Leader, Mesh
The Mesh is a term for prototyping for everyone. Not only for engineers.

The kit is a collection of hardware blocks, called tags. There are four tags with different functions. There’s a button, an LED light, and an acceleration tag that detects motion like shaking, tapping or flipping.
For more advanced users, there’s a GPIO tag. It has a digital and analog output and input, which allows it to connect to other sensors and actuators, like motors.
These tags are connected wirelessly and are programmed using an app called Canvas. Right now, it’s only available for the iPad.

The tags communicate with the iPad using Bluetooth and you can be up to 30 feet away from the tablet for them to work. Up to 10 tags can be paired to one device.
Each program is called a recipe and is made by dragging and dropping the tags and connecting them with virtual wire.
But there are also more creative opportunities.

You can turn a banana into a weapon… or at least make it sound like one.
Tap for a laser gun.
Or shake it for the swoosh of a sword.
Or how about a personal greeting each time someone opens a business card holder?
The Mesh Project raised nearly 65 thousand dollars on Indiegogo and has started shipping kits to supporters. People in the U-S and Japan will be able to order the $50 tags on the company’s website within the next few weeks.
In San Francisco, Melissa Aparicio, IDG News Service.