Uber CEO: I'm not perfect and neither is this company

Network World | Jun 3, 2015

Still, Travis Kalanick says Uber provides a cheaper, more efficient form of transportation that improves cities by getting cars off the road and reducing pollution.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick knows Uber has made enemies in the past five years since the company launched and even mistakes along the way.


But in those five years, it’s had exponential growth. Uber’s service, which lets people order a ride on demand from their smartphones is now in 300 cities and nearly 60 countries around the world.

At an event commemorating Uber’s five-year anniversary, Kalanick said that the millionth Uber driver just took his first passenger. He also stressed that the company provides a cheaper, more efficient form of transportation that also improves cities by getting more cars off the road and reducing pollution.


Kalanick said that in the years ahead, the company will continue making changes to its service so that using Uber is cheaper than owning a car. Uber Pool, which lets multiple passengers going in the same direction share a ride for a cheaper fare, will be a priority.

The service is only available in a handful of cities like San Francisco, LA, New York and Paris. In San Franicsco, almost half of all rides are UberPool rides.

Safety concerns still weigh down the company. Uber, along with Lyft and Sidecar, have been asked by lawmakers to use fingerprint-based background checks for their drivers. Uber currently runs the social security numbers of it’s drivers against county by county online records.

Uber has also been sued by the district attorneys in San Francisco and Los Angeles over its background checks.

During his talk, Kalanick said the company abides by modern regulations that protect the safety of passengers and drivers, but didn’t give a detailed update on Uber’s plans around fingerprint checks.

At Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco, Melissa Aparicio, IDG News Service.