Who makes up OpenStack?

As of this month more than 180 companies and 400 active developers contribute.

OpenStack is a big project with a lot of supporters. But just who makes up OpenStack?

It's an amalgamation of some of the biggest tech companies in cloud computing, along with some of the newest and most promising startups in Silicon Valley.

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Today, OpenStack officials say more than 180 companies and 400 developers are actively contributing to the project while there is an even larger ecosystem of more than 5,600 people and 850 organizations that are more loosely associated with the open source cloud computing project. It continues to grow, too. While it started out with about 35 developers, OpenStack officials said that just last month 35 new developers joined the project, more than two years after its launch.

With the launch of the OpenStack Foundation on Sept. 19, the project has reached some level of independence. It is now governed by a Board of Directors, which is made up of member companies and individuals. Member companies, as of September, 2012, include:


-AT&T, Canonical, HP, IBM, Nebula, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE

Gold member companies:

-Cisco, Cloudscaling, Dell, DreamHost, ITRI, Mirantis, Morphlabs, NetApp, Piston Cloud Computing, Yahoo, Intel, NEC, VMware

For the full list of member companies, click here.

The Board of Directors, as of September 2012, is made up of:

-Alan Clark, SUSE; Toby Ford, AT&T; Kyle MacDonald, Canonical; Eileen Evans, HP; Jon Mittelhauser, Nebula; Jim Curry, Rackspace; Brian Stevens, Red Hat; Todd Moore, IBM; Lew Tucker, Cisco; Randy Bias, Cloudscaling; John Igoe, Dell; Simon Anderson, DreamHost; Dr. Tzi, CCAT/ITRI; Boris Renski, Mirantis; Joshua McKenty, Piston Cloud Computing; Sean Roberts, Yahoo; Tristan Goode, Aptira; Rob Hirschfeld, Dell; Tim Bell, CERN; Jesse Andrews, Nebula; Ben Du, 99 Cloud; Hui Cheng, Sina; Monty Taylor, HP; Troy Toman, Rackspace

Core Projects/Technical Leads

OpenStack is fundamentally just software. There are many parts to the approximately 550,000 lines of code, most of which are written in Python. To manage the development of the various aspects of the project, OpenStack has been broken up into core projects, incubated projects, as well as supported and related projects. The most mature and important projects are core projects, and each one of those has its own committee and project technical lead. Newly-elected six-month memberships were recently given to project technical leads. These include, as of September 2012:

-Nova (Compute): Vish Ishaya, Nebula

-Swift (Storage): John Dickinson, SwiftStack

-Glance (image service): Brian Waldon, Nebula

-Keystone (Identity, Token, Catalog and Policy services) PTL: Joe Heck, Nebula

-Horizon (user interface) PTL: Gabriel Hurley, Nebula

-Quantum (virtual networking, first time as a core project in Folsom release) PTL: Dan Wendlandt, Nicira

-Cinder (block storage, still in incubation) PTL: John Griffith, SolidFire

-Openstack-common (Python library for common utilities and components for all the OpenStack projects) PTL: Mark McLoughlin, OpenStack project lead at Red Hat

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