Hot hotspot gateways

Four products that deliver Wi-Fi guest access

Offering Wi-Fi can be a good way to increase return customers and boost revenue in retail stores, hotels, cafes, etc. And it provides convenience for contractors and associates working in corporate offices and conference rooms. Though visitors might have 4G mobile devices or laptops, Wi-Fi can provide a faster, higher quality connection.

[SLIDESHOW: Hottest hot spot gateways]

We looked at four Wi-Fi hotspot solutions that can be used to offer guests and visitors wireless and wired access. Some offer free access, with the ability to make customers agree to your terms of service before Internet access is given by what it called a captive portal. Others support fee-based access where guests/visitors can purchase access time via their device or from a cashier using a ticket printer.

Here are the individual reviews:

Intellinet GuestGate MK II: Best for small deployments

The GuestGate MK II from Intellinet is an 802.11n hotspot gateway targeted towards smaller deployments, and available for as low as $140 from online retailers with a three-year manufacturer warranty. It features automatic segregation from the host or private network that it plugs into.

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