A 5-minute Woz brain dump (AKA, 2013 UC Berkeley commencement address)

UC Berkeley alum and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shares keys to happiness, creativity with new grads

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, a veteran of the college commencement address circuit, shared a free-form talk with UC Berkeley grads last month during their ceremony.

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Wozniak, who dropped out of UC Berkeley in 1971 and co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs a few years later, returned to cement his bachelor’s degree from the school in 1986.

During his talk, Wozniak told graduates that the personality they form during their college years is probably pretty much what they’re going to have for life. He said he liked the person he was in college and decided to stay that way, regardless of how rich he got from his work at Apple and other endeavors (he said he went back and taught elementary school "secretly, no press”).

Woz also tossed out this formula: H=S-F (happiness equals smiles minus frowns) and encouraged grads to avoid things that will make them frown.  He said students are at an age of having peak physical and intellectual energy, and only have to look as far as companies like Apple, Facebook and Google to see what people their age can accomplish when they’re creative.

UC Berkeley has condensed Wozniak’s 15-minute speech into about 5, and here it is for your listening and viewing pleasure:

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