Free cloud storage service MegaCloud goes dark

Users of free cloud storage provider say they haven't had access to their data in days

The website for MegaCloud, a provider of free and paid consumer cloud storage, is inaccessible and users of the service are complaining on social media sites that they have not had access to their data for days.

It’s unclear why the service is not working and whether it is because of a technical glitch or if the company has gone out of business. When attempting to access, it returns a notice that the site could not be found. None of the other sites associated with MegaCloud work either, such as the features page, pricing information and the contact links.

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The service appears to have been dark for at least a couple of days. Users on various Internet forums have been posing questions about the service and why it is down, for two days, as of Friday. The site shows that the site is not accessible, and has about a dozen people questioning why.



A screen shot of what the site looked like a week ago.

On the company’s Facebook page, users started complaining about not having access to MegaCloud services on Tuesday. The MegaCloud Twitter account has been inactive since March (before then it was making posts a couple of times a week).

MegaCloud used to offer customers up to 8GB of free cloud storage, with another 8GB of free backup storage. That 16GB of free cloud storage was one of the largest giveaways of cloud storage from a consumer cloud provider. Most consumer-oriented cloud storage providers give away 5GB free, and then charge customers beyond that. MegaCloud offered a desktop client, as well as mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

The service does not appear to be affiliated with Megaupload, founded by famed Internet hacker Kim Dotcom. If you have any information about MegaCloud and why the service is down, contact Network World here.

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