Western Union: A day in the life

John Schroeter recently sat down with Alex Yokley and Kim Hickman of Western Union to discuss their unorthodox approach to security training

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AY: And I would add, with confidence, the odds of people remembering this course are much higher than the odds of them remembering anything from our previous courses!

Were you surprised by the way A Day in the Life has played out?

KH: We did wonder how it was going to fly. We think it's pretty clever; we chuckle when we review it, but we also wondered whether it would be received "out there" in the same way, if would it translate all over the globe. And yet, the positive feedback came from all over the globe, not just the US colleagues. The feedback came from Lithuania, Argentina, Canada, all over. It came from different departments, different levels--the whole hierarchy--including even hardcore IT security people.

AY: We've been doing security training for years now, and none of our previous courses got any feedback from the users--positive or negative. But we received immediate feedback from users saying they loved the course, they loved this new style, it was relevant to them, they learned something, and still today, almost every day we get an email from someone complimenting us on the course. So it's nice to be able to add that qualitative feedback to the measured results.

KH: I think the key thing is simply wearing the hat of the user taking it versus the teacher teaching it, which is another aspect of the overall strategy. We're just thrilled with the results. We figured there would be some people who didn't like the new style, but we haven't heard from any of them.

AY: At the end of the day I was just hoping most people wouldn't hate it. That was my criteria for success! And we blew that away.

John Schroeter is Director of Marketing at MediaPro, a provider of security awareness training solutions.

This story, "Western Union: A day in the life" was originally published by CSO.

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