Review: Cloud storage

Review: Software-based NAS offers free/low-cost storage

Software-based network attached storage (NAS) allows for deployment on your hardware of choice, on a virtual machine or in the cloud

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Once you install and run SoftNAS on a VM or deploy an Amazon EC2 instance, you'll see a DOS-like screen on the VM GUI or EC2 instance via remote desktop where you will find the address listed for the web-based access, can make basic system setting changes, access shortcut to run the desktop interface, and Shutdown/Restart.

The web-based interface has multiple tab support and integrated pop-up dialog windows. The Getting Started check list is convenient. However, we did notice a GUI issue: the pop-up dialog windows would at times run off the screen, preventing easy access to the OK buttons on the bottom for instance.

When you launch the Desktop interface on the VM GUI or EC2 instance via remote desktop it loads the CentOS desktop with GNOME. You can use the usual preinstalled applications of CentOS/GNOME and launch the web-based interface to SoftNAS as well.


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