Big data's biggest challenges

Data analysis spurs business improvements at social media, healthcare and insurance companies

IT pros from social media, healthcare and insurance industries share their big-data success stories and lessons learned.

"Puppies are free, but you still have to feed them."

Virendra Vase

Virendra Vase

Virendra Vase jokingly likened this truism to Klout’s experience with big data. Vase is CTO at Klout, which uses analytics to measure people’s influence across social networks. “We basically sit above the social networks, gathering all the signals, helping folks to understand and be recognized for their influence,” he said.

It’s an effort that requires processing 12 billion data signals a day for more than 400 million people on multi-petabyte clusters. Klout’s big data environment includes the open-source platform Hadoop, along with HBase, Hive, ElasticSearch, Scala, Storm, Node.js and other tools.

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