How to keep your Millennials happy

Managing Gen Y employees requires flexibility and patience

The much-anticipated wave of Millennials is upon us, with their addiction to social media, their attachment to consumer devices and their merging of work and personal lives.

In fact, Millennials or Generation Y make up more than a third of the U.S. workforce and are quickly moving into management ranks, according to a recent Ernst & Young study. So, what have we learned about managing Millennials, particularly when it comes to IT?

In a nutshell, Millennials are associated with the following work behaviors and mindsets:

  • A collaborative approach to work.
  • The expectation that their opinions count, despite existing hierarchy.
  • Use of consumer-oriented technologies in the workplace, such as apps, mobile devices, social networking.
  • Inclination to work anywhere/anytime rather than set, on-site work hours.
  • The desire to be involved with a mission that’s meaningful to them.

“They are more willing to challenge the norm and look for better ways to do things, but I have also seen some of them who seem to have a sense of entitlement,” says Samuel Satyana, mobile wallet platform architect in the North America region at Ericsson.


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