60+ R resources to improve your data skills

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Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). The most important of all: home of the R Project for Statistical Computing, including downloading the basic R platform, FAQs and tutorials as well as thousands of add-on packages. Also features detailed documentation and a number of links to more resources.

RStudio. You can download the free RStudio IDE as well as RStudio's Shiny project aimed at turning R analyses into interactive Web applications.

Revolution Analytics. In addition to its commercial Revolution R Enterprise, you can request a download of their free Revolution R Community (you'll need to provide an email address). Both are designed to improve R performance and reliability.

Tibco. This software company recently released a free Tibco Enterprise Runtime for R Developers Edition to go along with its commercial Tibco Enterprise Runtime for R engine aimed at helping to integrate R analysis into other enterprise platforms.

Learn to use R: Your hands-on guide

If you're just starting with R, don't miss the Computerworld Beginner's Guide to R:

Part 1: Introduction - get started with this popular programming language.

Part 2: Getting your data into R - tips on how to import data in various formats, both local and on the Web.

Part 3: Easy ways to do basic data analysis - extract some simple stats.

Part 4: Painless data visualization - simple graphics, bar graphs and a few more complex charts.

Part 5: Syntax quirks you'll want to know - some R idiosyncrasies.

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