Moving VoIP and UC into the cloud

Over the past few months, Webtorials and Delphi have collaborated to produce the "2011 Sourcebook for VoIP and UC Services." This sourcebook is an extensive reference with comparative information from almost fifty companies on a worldwide basis.

As such, it serves as both a guide to what's important to ask and then provides answers to many of these questions as supplied by the vendors, making it more than a simple "directory" listing various vendors who might or might not be worthwhile to contact.

The areas that are covered include:

• The business value of cloud/hosted communications services and a directory of the providers who responded to the survey.

• Information and tables discussing the survey methodology (how the survey was conducted and the provider responses), provider descriptions (customer size, service names, CPE supplied) and market descriptions (wholesale, retail, service residency).

• Information and tables discussing service offerings (21 different services), network access technologies (Internet, MPLS, private line....) and IP and legacy device support (phones, modems, FAX.......).

• Information and tables discussing provider geographic coverage, maintenance and on-site support (U.S., Canada, Mexico, international) and market/provider analysis (who buys what and their priorities and state of the market).

Consequently, the sourcebook should provide a tremendous head-start for anyone who is considering VoIP and UC on a cloud basis.

In the next two newsletters, we will be highlighting a couple of excerpts from the full report. In a few weeks, we'll also be highlighting some findings from some research that has just been completed.

One of the particularly salient findings from our current research is that cloud-based VoIP and UC tend to be more popular among and appropriate for SMBs. The reasoning is quite straight-forward. SMBs don't tend to have the internal staffing resources to support a premises-based solution, while a premises-based solution is a quite appropriate alternative for larger enterprises. Consequently, the cloud-based services give SMBs the capability to "play with the big guys."

The sourcebook is available on a complimentary basis at Webtorials. There's also information there about consulting services which provide both consultation and access to the entire database.

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