VMware rolls out vSphere enhancements, new storage products

VMware announced enhancements last week to its VMware vSphere, new versions of vShield 5, vCenter Site Recovery Manager and vCloud Director and a new vSphere Storage Appliance.

VMware vSphere 5 now supports virtual machines with up to 1TB of memory and 32 virtual CPUs and the ability to process over 1 million IOPs. It also enhances the policy management of data center resources - with the new Auto-Deploy, Profile-Driven Storage and Storage DRS, users can define policies and establish operating parameters while vSphere 5 automatically does the rest. Profile-Driven Storage allows the rapid provisioning of applications, while ensuring application service levels. Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler allows the aggregation of storage resources into a single pool and allows the placement of workloads on storage volumes during provisioning. In addition, it allows load balancing between volumes.

VSphere 5 also has a new licensing model - while vSphere 5 will continue to be licensed per processor, the company is eliminating licensing by CPU cores and physical RAM per server in favor of licensing by pooled vRAM - the total amount of memory configured to all virtual machines in a customer environment. Each vSphere 5 CPU license will be for a specific amount of vRAM.

VMware vShield 5 now includes data security capabilities that allow IT to identify risk exposures and isolate applications with different trust levels.

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 introduces vSphere replication capabilities, which allows users to double protected applications and use heterogeneous storage. Included also is automated failback and planned migration capabilities.

VCloud Director 1.5 allows self-service provisioning and linked clone capabilities, which reduce provisioning time.

The new VMware vSphere Storage Appliance is a software product for small and midsized businesses who have no shared storage. It takes the server-based internal storage and virtualizes it into shared pools. The VMware vSphere Storage Appliance is expected to be available in late Q3, 2011 for $6,000.

All enhancements and products are expected to be available in the third quarter 2011.


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