Grazing, could be the best browser so far

After so many years of Web browser development it is hard to imagine how much more they can be improved. Most recent browser improvements have been minor enhancements that involved streamlining tab management and better stability and security. But then there's tablet computing and, in particular, the iPad.

As much as I love the iPad, until now there's been one aspect of it that has disappointed me: Web browsing. While the iOS Safari browser has good performance and basic features, there's a clumsiness to it ... the user interface doesn't "fit" well with a tablet and a touch interface.

But now there's Grazing, an iOS Web browser that (I'm not kidding) will redefine how you think about using the Web. It adds an immediacy and fluidity to browsing that creates a whole new experience. Really.

What the Grazing developers have done is to focus on how users interact with both the device and the content. You hold the iPad in your hands mostly and where are your thumbs? On either side. So, the Grazing browser has triggers on either side of the screen that bring up either of two gadgets (you can configure which gadget is on which side).

The most powerful of these gadgets is the "Slidepad" that provides a complete menu of browser controls accessible by simply moving your thumb a little further. That may not sound impressive but when you try it you'll see it's a very different way of interacting with a browser.

The other gadget is the "Thumbpad" which provides a translucent pad over a vertical strip down either the right or left side of the screen that allows you to scroll, open a new tab in either the foreground or background, and switch tabs.

It takes perhaps ten minutes to learn where all of the features are and how they work. I could spend a lot of space describing the user interface but I'd predict that as soon as you try it you'll be sold.

Grazing also includes a neat feature: The ability to "push" links between copies of Grazing running on different devices. For example, you could be browsing on your iPhone and push a YouTube video page to your iPad. You can also push to and from your desktop browser (bookmarklets are provided for this or you can just paste a link into a form) and to and from a list associated with your account (this is, in effect, an additional shared list of bookmarks - really useful for things like cross-browser Web application testing).

Grazing is one of the most polished and useful browsers I've ever used and its "fit" with iOS devices is fantastic. At $0.99 from the Apple App Store it's a steal!

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