Sex sells in the domain name game

How to tell if your unused domain names are worth big bucks on the secondary market

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So, now that you've figured out that you have a domain name of value, consider that others may have come to the same conclusion. The problem is that, unlike that collector car you keep locked in your garage, how do you lock a domain name?'s Johnston said there are two things: "First, you have to be with a reputable registrar you trust and that has good service. The other is to NEVER use the same domain name in the whois email address when registering a name. Never do that. Hackers love that because it makes it easy to hack the email account. They'll use that access to change the password of the registrar account and ... they'll transfer the domain name."

So, are you sitting on valuable domain real estate?

Take a look at the names you own. Are you sitting on domain real estate of value? If you want to keep it, be sure it is well protected. If you want to cash in, consider listing it for sale in what has become a large, dynamic and profitable marketplace. You may not become the next Jed Clampett, but even if it only draws an average price, you could pick up a few thousand dollars -- per name.

Smith is president of Alexander LAN Inc., a freelance consultant and writer in IT.  He can be reached at

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