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Over the last few years of writing this newsletter we've gone from Web applications that deliver simple HTML Web content to AJAX and Flash and now we're moving to HTML5. Alas, all of the benefits of being able to do in HTML5 across multiple browsers what you can only do today in Flash is still some way away.

Adobe can see the writing on the proverbial wall and so the company has released a product called Wallaby that translates Adobe FLA formatted content to HTML5 animations.

Of course, there are some serious limitations to this system but overall, Adobe has to be applauded for seeing and responding to what is the writing on the wall ... which is to say, unless the company can pull some kind of rabbit out of the hat, Flash is destined to become history because market forces (mostly in the form of Apple) are against the use of Flash at all!

Be that as it may, there are still some remarkable Web applications projects being published using Flash. For example, a new service called WeVideo, a video editing Web application that uses Flash to present a very polished, responsive, and effective user interface.

WeVideo touts using "the cloud" extensively which, while they may use some cloud service, really means next to nothing in reality ... they could be using their own cloud, someone else's cloud ... who cares? Really?

What does matter is the service's performance. You upload a video and amazingly quickly you're editing and enhancing your content. The UI is quick and responsive and you can upload, cut, move clips, add royalty-free music and sound effects, use transitions, and add graphics.

There is, of course, support for the usual array of social network services to share your creations which includes YouTube and Vimeo as well as the ability to download your edited video.

A great feature is the ability to add other people in to a project so they can collaborate on editing.

Currently the service is in beta and if you sign up now you get all of the features of the, as yet, unavailable Plus account ($6.99 per month) for free. In future free accounts will provide 1GB of storage and 360p resolution while the Plus account will provide 10GB of storage, 480p resolution and no watermarking.

The Ultra and Commercial accounts (($39.99 and $79.99 respectively) will offer 720p resolution and 50GB of storage with priority processing and optional 1080p support.

What I love about this service is that it is so polished! It's designed for ease of use, has a well-thought out feature set, and is optimized for performance.

If the market forces pan out as I believe they will - in favor of HTML5 and away from Flash - WeVideo has some serious engineering to do but for the next while, say, at least a year, the company has a market-leading feature set and performance courtesy of a technology that may be headed to a slow but unavoidable extinction.

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