Review: Encrypted solid state drives protect laptop data

Other World Computing (OWC) wins SSD performance test with otherworldly results

Vendors are touting solid state replacement drives as a way to protect corporate data in the event of a laptop being lost or stolen, and to boost performance at the same time.

We tested five SSDs to determine if they, indeed, were encrypting data and if the encryption could be somehow broken. In other words, were they safe to use if the device were stolen from or with a notebook?

The answer is: summoning our best tools, we could not crack their encryption. Not only that, these drives delivered read and write speeds that were up to five times faster than the hard drives that came with our enterprise-grade laptops.

The products under test were 2.5 inch, SATA-3 replacement drives from Other World Computing (OWC), OCZ Technologies, Micron Technologies, Adlink Technology and Intel.

All of the drives passed the encryption test with flying colors. When it came to performance, the OWC Pro 6G was fastest, running at sometimes five times the speed of the 500GB Hitachi drive that came with our Lenovo laptop. While OWC took the prize, all of the SSDs worked at several times the speed of our baseline hard drive.

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