(Fill in the blank)-as-a-service

Just about anything can be an aaS nowadays

IaaS, SaaS and PaaS are the obvious as-a-service offerings, but there are plenty of others. In fact, just about every letter of the alphabet has an "as a service."

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Access as a service

Access as a service, or AaaS, is related to cloud security and specifically how users gain access to it, Access-smart.com explains.

AaaS can also mean authentication as a service, which also refers to cloud security, and a single- or two-factor authentication system to access cloud data.


Backup as a service

Businesses such as Symantec and Verizon allow service providers to offer backup as a service.


Compute as a service

AT&T offers compute as a service, meaning computing capacity on an as-needed basis for enterprises.


Database as a service

Forrester noted the term in a 2008 report.

It can also mean desktop as a service, which Dell offers.


Email as a service

Also known as webmail, of course, the federal government experimented with using the term.

EaaS can also refer everything as a service, which is how HP describes its cloud strategy.


Firewall as a service

Coined to describe cloud security, as the Trend Cloud Security blog explains.


Google platform as a service

ZDNet has a reference guide for the difference between the Google PaaS and Amazon's model.


Hardware as a service

An early term for infrastructure as a service, now offered by providers such as AWS. Some providers still use the term, though, such as Skyrope and Equus.


Infrastructure as a service

A variety of providers use the term IaaS.


Java platform as a service

A type of application development, as IBM describes here.


Knowledge as a service

Used to describe a crowd-sourcing model, as Silicon Republic blog describes. Salesforce.com, the major SaaS provider, also describes KaaS in its cloud offering.


Log on as a service

Log on as a service can either refer to a Windows command or it can refer to cloud security.


Management as a service

Management as a service can take many forms, including cloud security, as described by Verizon.

Also, you might see marketing as a service, which is just that, explains the CRM Search blog.

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Network as a service

Cisco used the term to describe its open stack offering.


Open platform as a service

Open platform as a service is a way to describe PaaS offerings that are open source, as described here.


Platform as a service

Used to describe a cloud-based application development and testing model.


Query as a Web service

A product by SAP used by business enterprises.


Robot as a service

RaaS is a term used by Intel in a white paper to describe service-oriented robotics computing.


Software as a service

A widely used term to describe cloud-based software that is accessed via the network.


Testing as a service

HP offers testing as a service for application developers to test their research.


User interface as a service

Salesforce.com announced in 2007 its user interface as a service model, which it describes here.


Video surveillance as a service

Video surveillance as a service is an emerging trend in the SaaS market, as a CSO report explains.


Website as a service

A number of providers offer website as a service.


X as a service

As the blog SearchCloudComputing.com describes it, XaaS means anything as a service.


You as a service

As this study points out, a variety of cloud-based initiatives can be classified as you as a service.


Zebra as a service

Not yet an enterprise IT term, sales firm Selling to Zebras is attempting to make it one.

(Note: This list is not meant to be all-inclusive; if you have suggested additions to the list, send them to BButler@nww.com.)

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