Survival guide: Do's and don'ts for next-gen IT

Business IT is evolving behind your back. Here's how to head off extinction and assert a larger role

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"Don't create an IT organization where whether you rise in the organization is based on how well you meet your budget and headcount," he says "You need to change incentives and reward people based on how well they serve the business."

As BYOD and cloud services come to dominate the tech landscape, IT pros no longer have the luxury of ending every conversation by simply saying no. Enterprises must move from an environment where tight control of technology use and cost was considered a plus, to one where IT's success is measured by the success of the company as a whole.

It's not an easy transition, says Singh, but it is inevitable.

"We're asking today's IT departments to do something unique," he says. "We want them to be cutting costs and squeezing pennies on their maintenance spend, while at the same time encouraging innovative try-fast/fail-fast business-centric initiatives instead of rolling out yet another application delivery paradigm. It's hard to run IT with two conflicting mind-sets. That's one of the things that has inhibited its evolution. But you need to become the organization of yes, and not no."

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