Windows Phone 7 could rival Apple's iOS 4

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Again, it's a bit too early to judge. Suffice it to say that Microsoft certainly has an opening here to succeed, even if Apple retains the cool crown.

Carrier choice

No article comparing anything to the iPhone here in the U.S. would be complete without a look at the iPhone's exclusivity to AT&T, which seems likely to end in the next year or so. Being able to choose carriers is an advantage to WP7 for both consumers, who can pick the best network for their needs, and businesses, which may already have a relationship with a particular carrier.

Initially, however, WP7 devices are limited to AT&T and T-Mobile service. AT&T has had its growing pains with the iPhone, and if WP7 phones do sell well, the carrier may face the same network issues it faced with the iPhone. T-Mobile hasn't had that problem, but it is the smallest national carrier, which could limit how quickly WP7 devices gain ground on that network. Since there are no WP7 phones that work on CDMA networks (the kind of network used by Verizon and Sprint), WP7's ability to gain market share quickly could be hindered. And if Apple does produce a CDMA iPhone for Verizon or some other carrier, all bets are off.

Final thoughts

Overall, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed by WP7 -- more than I expected to be. It has a lot of potential, and adding up the various features listed above shows the two mobile operating systems to be well matched. It's impossible to say definitely that one is better than the other or has more potential than the other; many of the differences between WP7 and iOS make a direct comparison difficult.

Having said that, I do think that WP7 could become the iPhone's most serious challenger yet -- if it manages to get enough market traction and can evolve as quickly as iOS and the iTunes ecosystem have. At the very least, Microsoft is off to a credible start.

Microsoft on Monday showed off the first handsets to run Windows Phone 7, its new operating system for cell phones.

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