What does 2011 hold for identity management?

Today we’ll take one more look at some predictions for identity management and identity and access management (IAM) in the coming year.

First up, the folks at Quest are predicting that “Federation will become IT delivery standard.” They base this on experience: “Use of federation to share identity information across domains and enable business users to access multiple systems and services has grown steadily over the past several years.”

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Fischer International’s Dennis McDermott, Vice President, Sales and Marketing mentioned mergers and acquisitions: “Although the tide of acquisitions for ‘rounding out’ existing IdM offerings has subsided, a new strain of ‘IAM acquisition fever’ will emerge as large non-IAM vendors seek well-architected Identity technologies as core components in much larger solution and service infrastructures.” Dennis also mentioned an area I hadn’t even considered, green initiatives: “Consumer-oriented businesses and organizations with strong green initiatives will begin to use ‘greenness’ as a major factor when selecting IAM solutions. Two types of solutions will benefit:

• Cloud-based multi-tenant IAM that is most efficient at eliminating servers, energy, and emissions (i.e., not virtualization)

• On-premise IAM solutions that minimize hardware components by supporting multiple business divisions / technical domains from a single footprint”

The folks at Internet Identity focus on cybersecurity and identity fraud. They see a major problem coming in what they call the “Extended Enterprise.” According to PR maven Andrew Goss, “Cyber criminals often take an indirect approach to compromise their targets by focusing on those targets’ trusted partners, vendors and others (the Extended Enterprise) that have access to valuable data.  As enterprises strengthen their defenses against direct attacks, IID expects to see an increase in indirect attacks against the Extended Enterprise – essentially opening up a ‘back door’ security vulnerability.”

And finally, at least for this year, Tim Brown, Sr. VP and chief security architect and Carrie Gates, VP of Research at CA Technologies offer these glimpses of 2011:

• “The insider threat will continue to grow. The 2010 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report showed that the percentage of breaches attributed to insiders more than doubled over the previous year to 46%, and we expect that trend to continue.

• Organizations will begin using behavioral analysis to predict threat from the inside. There is case study research in this area examining the psychosocial factors that can contribute to an insider breach.”

Specific to the IAM discipline, the CA folk opine that “Identity and Access Management as a cloud service will shift Security perception from cloud barrier to cloud enabler.” They explain:

• Organizations will change their perception of cloud security as stronger, more advanced security options are deployed as cloud services from organizations that specialize in security. This could increase security confidence and makes security an enabler of cloud adoption.

• For example, Identity and Access Management capabilities such as advanced authentication and fraud prevention, single sign-on, identity governance and others are offered as a cloud service.

• They are more easily adopted, deployed and managed by both growing enterprises and very large enterprises.

That’s all the predictions for now.

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