Kaminario releases survey results on application performance

DRAM-based storage appliance increases application performance

Kaminario, manufacturer of the K2 DRAM-based storage acceleration appliance, released the results of surveys regarding applications performance taken at two recent high-performance computing events. Attendees of the Microsoft SQL PASS Summit and Supercomputing 2010 conferences were surveyed regarding the impact of slow application performance on businesses.

When queried about the impact of poor application performance, 40% of the respondents named poor customer satisfaction as the No. 1 business problem and said improving application performance would result in better customer satisfaction. A majority of those surveyed identified storage issues as the cause of poor application performance and over 26% said that they needed to purchase faster storage to solve the problem. Reduced employee productivity was cited by 25% of the respondents as another critical issue with performance problems. The survey results were similar regarding size of business, from small to large, and from the perspective of software performance and hardware performance.

With storage bottlenecks identified as the cause of poor application by the majority of respondents, Kaminario is well positioned to help, according to company claims. Its DRAM-based modular implementation using Fibre Channel connectivity and a block device interface can scale to 12TB. The modular implementation also provides high availability and eliminates a single point of failure. The Kaminario K2 appliance is capable of storing an entire data set in many applications and critical metadata and high access data for others, with substantial performance improvements.

According to Kaminario a telecommunications supplier improved its query rates and record delivery performance by 10 to 25 times; a financial services company accelerated its business processing by 19 times and its tax liability application processing by 10 times; a data mining company cut its processes and data delivery time in half; and, a credit card company realized a more than 20-fold improvement in its application performance.

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