Symplified a company to be reckoned with

As I write this, the weather forecast for tomorrow is "cloudy, with a chance of snow." That same forecast should work for the Identity and Access Management industry over the coming year. 

Certainly the prognosticators we heard from last month were all forecasting an increase in cloud-based computing with a strong identity component. And the cynic in me feels that we’re due for a major snow-job as the world+dog in computing tries to "buzz up" their products by touting them for the cloud. 

One company that doesn’t need to overemphasize their investment in cloud-based and cloud-oriented identity is Symplified. Even their marketing slogan ("the Cloud security company") is to the point, and nicely understated.

They've recently secured a new round of funding, something which — ordinarily — wouldn’t merit a mention here. But one of the funders is our old friend Quest Software who have always been a player in IAM but who, with the acquisition of Voelcker Informatik, have become a major player. 

According to IDG, Software as a Service (one of the major components of cloud computing) "… will grow at a 25.3% annual compound rate through 2014.”"Symplified’s CEO, Eric Olden, believes that Infrastructure as a service (the second major part of cloud services, such as Amazon’s EC2) will also take off this year. But Olden cautions: "However, in order for enterprises to take advantage of the cloud they need fundamental security and identity management capabilities that are built specifically for SaaS apps like Salesforce and cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services." He should know, since he's been in the IAM arena for many years. Olden co-founded Securant Technologies back in the early '90s, sold it to RSA then moved on to found Symplified. All the while, strongly focused on security through identity. 

Quest VP (and general manager of identity and access management) John Millburn had this to say about Symplified: "Symplified has developed the first complete identity and access management platform for the cloud. The company’s team is top-notch and proven, having built a successful identity management business once already and having the foresight three years ago to build this critical infrastructure for the cloud. We are excited about the position Symplified has taken as the leading cloud identity provider and the enormous market opportunity they are addressing." 

Sure, there's some marketing-speak in there, but the kernel of truth is also there. Symplified is a company to be reckoned with as enterprises turn to the cloud. And they will make that turn — or run off the cliff.

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