10 cloud career skills

Cloud computing demands a mix of technology skills, negotiating skills, business acumen and people skills. Here are 10 key skills that can help boost your career into the clouds. 

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TECHNICAL DEPTHA core understanding of cloud-enabling technologies such as server and storage virtualization, moving to a flatter data center switching architecture, etc.PROJECT MANAGEMENTThe ability to manage the full life cycle of a specific IT project.ARCHITECTURE SKILLSBeing able to architect both in-house and hosted cloud environments.CONTRACTSThe ability to negotiate and manage multiple contracts with cloud service providers.SERVICE DELIVERY  The ability to negotiate and follow through on service-level agreements with internal and external customers.COMMUNICATIONThe ability to explain and sell cloud computing to stakeholders in the organization.UNDERSTANDING THE BUSINESSCloud managers need to have a deep understanding of how cloud services can improve the business.LEADERSHIPThe ability to convince others to make the leap to cloud computing.INNOVATIONBeing open to exploring the newest cloud-based technologies and services.RISK-TAKINGCloud computing requires IT execs who are willing to take risks for the overall betterment of the company.

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