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European Identity Conference on tap for May 10-13

One of the things I love about the European Identity Conference is the willingness of the organizers, Kuppinger Cole + Partner, to explore new formats instead of tired old presentations.

Last year, for example, one of my sessions was "a Conversation with Kim Cameron." Kim and I and two microphones. No set agenda, just exploring identity.

This year (May 10-13) organizer Joerg Resch (I called him the "aha" guy of the conference some years ago) pointed me toward a concept he thought might be worth a go. I looked and I liked it, so we'll be putting on The World Cafe for IdM/IAM on Wednesday, May 11.

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The central idea is this: IdM/IAM can be instituted as a set of services/applications from a single vendor (and it's close partners -- no one has everything in-house) or you can decide which services/applications are "best of breed" and either put them together yourself or higher a consultancy to do it for you.

Similarly, you can install all of the apps/services in your data center, or in the cloud -- or in some combination of the two.

But how do you know which choices are right for you?

Many conferences features sessions usually called "Lessons Learned While Implementing" X, Y or Z. They do have good points but they're rarely closely relevant to what you are facing.

So at this year's conference we're going to try to harness the wisdom of the crowd. There'll be tables set up for each of the general topics (Single Vendor, Best of Breed, Data Center, Cloud) -- multiple tables for each. Sprinkled around will be vendors, analysts, consultants and other "experts" to answer factual questions or spur discussion. Every 30-40 minutes, we'll ask attendees to switch tables. The entire session will run about four hours, but we don't expect people to be with us for all of that time. You can come and go in small chunks, go out to another session, then come back again.

After the session closes, there'll be a final "roundup" session in which I present the accumulated wisdom that was gathered throughout the afternoon. Our hope is that there'll be nuggets that you can apply to your situation amid the rich vein of data that's collected.

It's not too late to register for the 2011 European ID Conference, by the way. Just browse over to the website and start the process. And drop Joerg a note suggesting "The World Biergarten" might be a better choice.

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