Amplidata enters the object storage space

Storage for achive, media and storage clouds

At Storage Networking World last week in Santa Clara, Calif., startup Amplidata rolled out an object storage platform targeted at archive data, online-media applications and storage clouds.

The AmpliStor Optimized Object Storage (OOS) system scales into the tens of petabyte range. The company's first appliance, the AS20, has 20TB of capacity in 1U of space and uses only seven watts of power per terabyte.

Amplistore's system is self-healing and uses a technology called BitSpread that reduces data loss by dividing up files or objects in multiple chunks of data and encoding them and spreading them across redundant disks. BitDynamics is storage management software that performs verification checks on stored data, optimizes it and allowing it to self-heal as nodes fail or need to be replaced, and performs scrubbing and garbage collection.

New storage nodes can be seamlessly added at any time, without system disruption. BitDynamics agents track available capacity and inform the BitSpread encoders to use the added capacity to store data, without requiring reconfiguration of existing data.

A BitLog technology features snapshot and cloning capability, as well as caching and performance optimization.

The AmpliStor appliance has a http/REST, Python or C language API interface and can be managed from the command line interface.

The AmpliStor AS20 consists of ten Serial ATA disks and 2GbE connections to the network. Disks can be powered off when data is not being processed.

Amplidata was founded in 2009 and consists of storage experts culled from DataCenter Technologies, a company acquired by Symantec. The company is headquartered in Belgium.

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