WAN Virtualization - The bottom line

We've certainly enjoyed sharing excerpts from our discussion at the Webtorials Thought Leadership Discussion on WAN Virtualization featuring a "virtual discussion" with Keith Morris from Talari Networks and Thierry Grenot from Ipanema Technologies, the two leading companies in the WAN Virtualization space.

WAN Virtualization - Per-flow vs. per-packet advantages

There are a number of great questions and discussions we were not able to squeeze into these four newsletters. They include:

- How do you differentiate your products from the numerous products that perform "application acceleration" or "application delivery" enhancement?

- What is your position on whether it is reasonable to send real-time traffic (such as voice) over Internet links?

- Do you recommend and/or support the use of Internet services from multiple ISPs? Similarly, how do you handle traffic when one ISP is used in one network location and not at another?

- Must you deploy appliances at all branch offices?

- What should a typical company see as a ROI?

But we felt it was most important to end with the following question, "You're in the elevator with the CTO of a company, and he's headed to a meeting to decide between your two solutions. What's the bottom line as to why your choice should be the ultimate winner?"

Keith (Talari) replied, "Talari's WAN Virtualization technology does for enterprise WANs what RAID did for storage -- delivering a network with 30 to 100 times the bandwidth per dollar, ongoing WAN costs reduced by 40 to 90%, and greater reliability than existing corporate WANs -- bringing Moore's Law and Internet economics to enterprise WAN buyers for the first time in more than 15 years. By continuously measuring end-end across all network paths and switching sub-second when network performance problems occur, our WAN Virtualization technology turns the weakness of the network-of-networks that is the Internet into a strength, enabling customers to cost effectively augment or replace their MPLS WANs without having to sacrifice reliability or application performance predictability.

And from Thierry (Ipanema), "Ipanema's WAN Governance - powered by its Autonomic Networking System - will provide you with full control and optimization of all applications over your global network, private cloud and public cloud. You will get clear KPIs about application performance, enforce business critical application SLAs, accelerate flows and optimize cost across hybrid networks - all of this with a fully self-managed solution.

"And of course, I'll invite him to share a single malt right after his meeting, whatever the outcome!"

We hope that you have already participated in the online discussion. If not, we invite you to join us for this and the other great chats there.

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