25 ways IT will morph in the next 25 years

Predictions from leading research labs point to a future of talking machines, 3-D telepresence and real-world robotics

Imagine a world where the computers, networks and storage systems are all tens of thousands of times faster than they are today -- and then think about the sci-fi type of applications that will be possible.

The Networked World

What have we wrought? Where are we going?

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Network World

Companies that were acquired and fell out of the networking giant since 1993

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2011's 25 geekiest anniversaries

Q&A: Living LegendsJohn Cioffi | Bob Metcalfe | Vint Cerf 

Vic Hayes | Radia Perlman | Martin Cooper | Tim Berners-Lee

How the next 25 years will change the networked worldPredictions from leading research labs point to a future of talking machines, 3D telepresence and real-world robotics.

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