IdM products unveiled at RSA

* Centrify, Imprivata and Courion among vendors announcing new products and releases

Lots of new things to tell you about this week. The run up to the RSA Security conference (going on this week in San Francisco) has become a prime launching pad for new products and new releases of existing products. So, without further ado, let's jump in and see what's new.

RSA Conference debuts new security gear

Centrify  announced new components for the Centrify Suite, adding DirectSecure (which extends the Suite's capabilities into endpoint protection) and DirectManage (a scalable management platform that centralizes the discovery, management and user administration of UNIX and Linux systems) to the existing modules (DirectControl, DirectAuthorize and DirectAudit). Centrify feels this is the most comprehensive way to connect non-Windows systems to Active Directory.

Imprivata made a number of announcements indicating a greater emphasis on healthcare industries. Claiming to be "the largest provider of healthcare single sign-on technology," Imprivata launched a Global Healthcare Division complete with a chief medical officer (Dr. Barry Chaiken, currently head of The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Barry Society - HIMSS). Two \products were also announced, Secure Walk-Away (designed to protect patient information specifically in those settings where desktops are located in highly trafficked and accessible areas, and shared among multiple users) and Privacy Alert (better control over patient's data privacy, as well as an automated solution to investigate data privacy breaches.)

Finally, Courion, the "last man standing" among independent full-service provisioning vendors, announced Access Assurance Suite 8.0. According to PR tyro Brian Alberti, "Courion Access Assurance Suite 8.0 will not only identify inconsistencies in user access, but will automate the remediation process and alert IT in order to reduce risk from data breaches before they happen. Best of all, the solution leverages the existing infrastructure of an enterprise, pulling together access data in a vendor-agnostic manner, no matter what types of applications or services are in use." He then unloaded some alphabet soup on me, claiming the new product "will be the first in the industry to tie together IAM [identity and access management], DLP [data-loss prevention] and SIEM [security information and event management] data in order to create a holistic view of how sensitive data is being used within enterprises." I do love holistic views!

I'm sure there'll be even more coming out of RSA, and if it's interesting enough I'll be talking about it in weeks to come.

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