Chapter 1: Introduction to the System Center Suite

Excerpt from Microsoft System Center Enterprise Suite Unleashed

Excerpt from Microsoft System Center Enterprise Suite Unleashed.

By Chris Amaris, Tyson Kopczynski, Alec Minty, Rand Morimoto

Published by Sams

ISBN-10: 0-672-33319-8

ISBN-13: 978-0-672-33319-4

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In This Chapter

  • What Is System Center?

  • Understanding System Center Configuration Manager

  • Understanding System Center Operations Manager

  • Understanding System Center Data Protection Manager

  • Understanding System Center Virtual Machine Manager

  • Understanding System Center Service Manager

  • Understanding System Center Capacity Planner

  • Understanding System Center Mobile Device Manager

  • Understanding System Center Essentials

  • Understanding System Center Licensing

System Center, which is licensed either individually or as a bundled suite, is a series of tools that help organizations manage their servers, client systems, and applications to be more proactive in responding to the needs of the IT data center. In fact, the name System Center actually didn’t come about until just a few years ago; prior to that, the products were all sold separately.

Like with many families or suites of products, the first rendition of the suite is nothing more than a bunch of disparate products bundled together under a common brand name, but really have no integration in working together. System Center was no different—with the first couple of years of the product line being nothing more than name and branding.

Today, however—three to four years and two to three versions later—the System Center products actually do work better together and an IT organization can leverage information in the various System Center components more easily and for a common benefit.

This chapter introduces the System Center family of products, what the components are, and how the balance of the chapters in this book provide tips, tricks, best practices, and guidance on how to best leverage System Center in the enterprise.

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