A shift in cloud solutions

* SinglePoint Trust Cloud supplies identity services for other applications utilizing Amazon EC2 but is thoroughly integrated with your data center's identity store and its IdM services

I've been writing about the European Identity Conference recently, but it wasn't the only conference in Munich the first week in May. The EIC was held in conjunction with Cloud 2010, also produced by Kuppinger-Cole.

The intersection of IdM and the cloud is particularly important to look at now because there are some semantic issues that need to be settled so that we can properly talk about what's important -- and what isn't.

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There's identity-in-the-cloud, also called identity-as-a-service (IaaS or IdaaS), best exemplified by Fischer International's IaaS services where all of your IdM services (provisioning, governance, role management, compliance, etc.) are hosted "in the cloud."

There's also identity-for-the-cloud, such as provisioning services for cloud apps provided by traditional, on-premise, provisioning vendors, such as Courion  as well as other identity services (privileged user management, compliance, etc.) extended to the cloud from your data center.

The newest paradigm, though, is a meshed, or integrated, on-premise/in-the-cloud solution typified by this week's new release from Simplified. SinglePoint Trust Cloud is intended to provide a rich "integration fabric," which will link on-premises infrastructure (such as Active Directory and ADFS 2.0) and cloud identity data from salesforce.com, Google and so on, with Amazon EC2 hosted applications.

SinglePoint Trust Cloud runs in the cloud, on Amazon EC2 to supply identity services for other applications utilizing EC2 but is thoroughly integrated with your data center's identity store and its IdM services.

It's a turnkey unified IAM solution that provides access management, authentication, user provisioning and administration, single sign-on (SSO), federated SSO, and usage auditing for applications running on the Amazon EC2 platform while integrating enterprise and cloud identity repositories to enforce security policies.

SinglePoint Trust Cloud also maintains and centralizes comprehensive usage logs of all activity on the Amazon platform, no matter which vendors are involved.

If you're feeling any trepidations about cloud apps, services and security (as we talked about a couple of weeks ago: "Security truths get lost in the cloud", then you owe it to yourself to investigate SinglePoint Trust Cloud.

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