Sun, sand and some IdM tips

* Task force formed to study federation; Novell offers free licenses for Sun IdM users

More Americans are on vacation this week than any other week of the year but you, dear reader, are still hard at it. Your reward for working through the sweltering days of early July are some nuggets of news that you might be able to use.

First, on the standards front. A new group (well, it's an old group but new to this issue) has formed a task force to study federation. It's the Federated Identity Management Legal Task Force, and it's been formed by the American Bar Association. Everybody's getting into the act, as Jimmy Durante used to say.

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The goal of the ABA task force is to analyze legal issues that arise in connection with the development, implementation and use of federated identity management systems. According to Task Force Chairman Tom Smedinghoff (a partner at Wildman Harrold), "You need rules and obligations placed on the various parties and they need to perform these obligations, and if they don't then you need some enforcement mechanism." I've always said that the legal part of federation would be much harder than the technical, but now there's help on the horizon.

This second note is for users of Sun Microsystems identity management products. Novell is now offering a free license for the equivalent Novell product. That's right -- Sun customers with a perpetual license can now swap their products with a Novell equivalent for only the cost of maintenance. The following license swaps are available:

* Sun Identity Manager customers receive Novell Identity Manager, Novell Roles Based Provisioning Module and Novell Enterprise Integration Module.

* Sun Role Manager customers receive Novell Access Governance Suite.

* Sun Open SSO customers receive Novell Access Manager.

* Sun Directory Server EE customers receive Novell eDirectory..Not a bad deal for those who don't want to continue with Oracle.

Finally, word on an upcoming event. The Internet Identity Workshop has been a fixture of Mountain View, California's Computer History Museum for biannual meetings since it's inception. This fall, though, the user-centric identity tent show ups stakes and moves to the East Coast -- Washington, D.C. Sept. 9-10, 2010 (following the Government 2.0 Summit) are the dates. IIW returns to California next spring but a good turnout in D.C. could lead to a second home for the event.

And do not feel a need to share this with your colleagues who are frolicking in the sun this week!

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