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AWS offers “bare-metal” Mac cloud services

It’s not true bare metal as it does come with one of two operating systems but it gives developers a cloud-based work environment.

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SUSE’s Rancher acquisition brings containerization support

Rancher’s Kubernetes management capabilities should set up SUSE for supporting digital transformation.

sd-wan survey

What is a WAN? Wide-area network definition and examples

WANs connect smaller networks across long distances, and their architecture, protocols and technologies have evolved to their latest incarnation, SD-WAN.


hybrid cloud

What to know about Azure Arc’s hybrid-cloud server management

Microsoft is trying to make good on its commitment to managing not only assets in Azure cloud but on customer premises and in other providers' clouds.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory / automation

Schneider Electric plans U.S. expansion, announces new micro data centers

Ruggedized enclosures are meant for a factory floor and other harsh indoor environments.


Next Pathway launches an automated cloud migration tool

Crawler360 will scan your data center to see what can be moved to the cloud.

Slack logo, with background by Mudassir Ali ,CC0 via Pexels

Salesforce scoops up team chat pioneer Slack for $27.7B

Slack’s popular business chat app will be integrated with Salesforce’s cloud tools, serving as the front end for its Customer 360 portfolio.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

Dell launches its first all-flash object storage appliance

Object storage is no longer 'slow, cheap, and deep,' according to Dell, which positions its new EXF900 array for AI and cloud-native use.

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Fetching Linux system details with screenfetch and neofetch

Here's how to use screenfetch and neofetch tools to display some of the most important configuration information on your Linux system.


distributed / decentralized cloud network connections

Cisco’s Nightingale: Cloud-neutral orchestration and automation are primary goals for 2021

While Todd Nightingale has been Cisco’s Enterprise Networking & Cloud business chief since March, some of the directions he wants to take the company’s biggest business unit – namely superior cloud neutral orchestration and...

Data center in the clouds virtualization

What are data centers? How they work and how they are changing in size and scope

The future of data centers will rely on cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure and more powerful devices.

An anonymous hooded laptop user is surrounded by binary code and graphed data. [security threat]

Zero trust planning: Key factors for IT pros to consider

Rolling out effective zero-trust network access calls for coordinating IT and security teams, data discovery, network segmentation.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

Startup EdgeQ offers 5G and AI for the edge

Led by former Qualcomm and Intel executives, EdgeQ is developing a converged 5G and AI silicon platform for edge computing networks.

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Network engineers wake up to computational storage

Next-generation computational storage systems are coming to the fore that perform processing operations on the storage device itself to reduce internal system transport time, reduce application bottlenecks and pave the way to more...

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