Veeam to introduce new version of virtualisation backup

Company set to incorporate vPower technology

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Veeam offers new take on virtualisation backup

Veeam Software is set to launch a new version of its backup and replication product incorporating the previously announced vPower technology.

According to Veeam, Backup & Replication v5 will offer a number of important features, including the restoration of a virtual machine (VM) from a backup file in minutes and a facility that Veeam calls universal application item recovery (U-Air) - this allows enterprises to recover individual items from virtualised application without the requirement for any special tools.

"We've introduced three major features any one of them would be a game-changing release in their own right, U-air is the feature that will be eagerly awaited," said Ratmir Timashev, Veeam's president and CEO, "but U-air is the feature that will be eagerly awaited."

He said that the new feature was something that had been particularly demanded by Veeam customers, "And the fact that we can locate individua items from backup is going to be interesting to them. They've always wanted more granular recovery from programs like Exchange," he said.

Other new features include SureBackup recovery verification which assesses the recoverability of every backup to eliminate uncertainty and an on-demand sandbox what allows the creation of test VMs in order to troubleshoot problems or test workaround or code - this obviates the need for additional test labs claimed Veeam.

According to Doug Hazelman, Veeam's director of global engineering many of the differences between the physical worlds and the virtual one is down to licensing rather than the technology. because they come from the physical world, they do it a different way - their licensing wouldn't allow them to do it. He said that the introduction of the new technology would alter the way that enterprises would work with backup within virtual environments. "We're going to see large shift in the way that people make their backups work for them - if you can instantly recover your VM, you can have an on-demand recovery," he said.

Hazelman said that Veeam Backup and Replication would be available from October,

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