Everything cloud, CTERA, Nasuni launch cloud storage appliances

CTERA and Nasuni last week enhanced their cloud storage offerings with new storage appliances and gateways.

Watch a slideshow of these two products.

CTERA launched a new Cloud Attached Storage appliance that supports server backup and bare metal recovery. The CTERA C400 supports as much as 8TB of local storage and has four hot-swappable drive bays. Each CTERA C400 has RAID 5 and 6 capability. In addition, CTERA has enhanced the software that ships with its appliance. CTERA 2.5 now includes incremental, disk-level backup of live servers and workstations, agents for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Active Directory and the ability for users to collaborate on file and folders stored either in the cloud or the local appliance.

Nasuni announced Nasuni Filer 2.0, a cloud storage gateway that now supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows Azure, DFS namespaces and Windows Previous Versions. The Nasuni Filer's support of Windows Previous Versions combined with the filer's snapshot feature allows end-users to restore previous versions of their files without administrative help.

Nasuni Filer now also lets the administrator choose the region of Amazon S3 that data will be stored in and to use the Filer as a gateway to any supported public or private cloud by providing their own credentials. Administrators now can also view the number of people using the Filer at any time before starting maintenance on the system and view how busy the Filer is with regards to bandwidth usage at any given time.

The Nasuni Filer is available on a month to month service basis of $300. If a customer prepays for a year's worth of service, it costs $250 per month. Cloud storage with Amazon, AT&T, Iron Mountain, Nirvanix, Rackspace and Azure ranges from $0.15 to $0.65 per gigabyte.


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