Virtualized Cisco Unified Communication is supported on 3rd party servers (HP and IBM)

Cisco announced it will support hardware from HP and IBM for virtualized UC servers

This is a short post about something I recently found out, it also continues questions I had from previous posts about 'when will Cisco support additional hardware', as it was asked at: As can be seen in the following link: , Cisco has approved specification-based virtualized UC as a supported configuration. We are still limited to HP, IBM or UCS servers and UC applications will need their own blade or rack mount server (co residence with AD servers etc. is not supported). This may be helpful for non virtualized organizations that were looking to virtualize (through an upgrade or not) but were holding back because of the hardware requirements. Prior to this announcement, virtualized UC required Cisco UCS server as the VMware host. Other organizations that can benefit from that are those that still need to move from the TDM based topology, and were holding off because they couldn't see the benefit or justify the expense of adding a blade chassis, those can now virtualize without changing their IBM/HP blade chassis environment. More technical info on the specification-based UC requirements are at: Comments? Questions? Does it change anything for you?

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