A few suggestions for destroying the 'indestructible' botnet

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Destroy All Botnets!

There's a new botnet in town, called TDL-4, and security experts are calling it crazy bad: "I wouldn't say it's perfectly indestructible," one told Computerworld, "but it is pretty much indestructible."

I presume other security experts are hard at work trying to prove that security expert wrong. In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to start collecting alternative ideas should the security community's traditional means of taking down a botnet indeed prove futile.

In that event, we could:

-- Convince Anonymous that TDL-4 is actually a government operation and let them take out the trash. This should not be difficult for two reasons: 1) many members of Anonymous probably already believe that TDL-4 is a government operation; and; 2) who's to say that TDL-4 isn't being run by the government? (I kid here, Mr. FBI Agent, honestly, I do.)

-- There must be an app for that.

-- What's Watson been up to lately? Hey, big fella, are you going to rest on your laurels or get after this TDL-4. We hear he's bragging to his botnet buddies that he could kick your ass at Jeopardy.

-- Two words: Navy Seals.

-- Maybe just this one time we could let Harry and his chums practice their wizardry outside of Hogwarts without giving them a hard time.

-- U.S. diplomats could propose a United Nations resolution condemning TDL-4 and calling for its swift eradication. A member nation will veto the proposal, because that's what always happens when the U.S. proposes a U.N. resolution. Invade that member nation. Bye-bye botnet.

-- Or, finally, KIWF.

That's the best I have to offer. Feel free to step up.


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