Cloud.Com Absorbed By Citrix

Innovative open source cloud management platform is latest Citrix Acquisition

It was announced today that the open source cloud management company, makers of the CloudStack product line has been acquired by Citrix Technologies. Of course I have written about before as well as herehere and even when they launched here. The deal is rumored to have been $200 million to buy the company. If that is true, I am very happy for CEO Sheng Liang and the rest of the team. It is pretty amazing that in little more than a year they have come so far to seel the company for that kind money.

I think this is a great deal for Citrix as well. They already own Xen and the commercial Xen Server and have been big supporters of OpenStack, the open cloud platform.  In announcing the deal Citrix gave this as their rational:

The transition from the PC Era to the Cloud Era is expected to fuel a massive build out in cloud infrastructure, creating a new market projected to exceed $11 billion by the end of 2013, according to industry analysts. This market will feature thousands of providers of all shapes and sizes, offering a vast array of new cloud services ranging from business, infrastructure and development offerings, to consumer, mobile and gaming services. Most of the clouds that service this market will look nothing like traditional enterprise datacenters. They will run on radically different platforms purpose-built for cloud computing – platforms designed from the ground up to deliver multi-tier, multi-tenant services in the simplest and most cost-effective way. The world’s largest and most successful public clouds are all built this way today.

The product line is not a traditional enterprise server virtualization platform with cloud management layered on top.  It is a powerful, hypervisor-agnostic solution designed from the ground up to help providers build clouds the way the world’s largest and most successful public clouds are built – simple, automated, elastic, scalable and efficient. This proven approach has helped customers around the world roll out new cloud services up to 50 times faster, at one fifth the cost of alternative solutions.

Of course any time a commercial company buys an open source company the "Oracle" question needs to be asked. Will the acquiring company honor the commitment to open source. Citrix again answered in the release, saying:

A commitment to openness and interoperability has been a central pillar for both Citrix and, and will accelerate further with this acquisition. The product line will continue to support leading commercial hypervisors such as Citrix XenServer® and VMware vSphere, as well as open source hypervisors like Xen®. Citrix intends to add support for Microsoft products like Hyper-V and System Center to the product line, as well as support a full range of “platform-as-a-service” development environments, storage systems, servers and management software.

 A key part of this commitment to openness is a full embrace of open source as an essential element of cloud computing.  In addition to providing leadership in communities like at the virtualization layer, this acquisition will help Citrix further accelerate its support of OpenStack, the popular open source cloud infrastructure movement that now includes over 1,100 cloud developers, and more than 80 member companies.  As a founding member of, Citrix is the second largest contributor to the project and is a member of the OpenStack policy board.

So it appears that will continue its open source commitment under Citrix. will become part of Citrix's Cloud Platforms product group. This new group will be headed up by Sameer Dholakia, group vice president and general manager for the group. Sheng and the team will report up under him.

Citrix now boasts quite a cloud line up including:

            Cloud Platform Products:

·         CloudStack (new) – next generation, hypervisor-agnostic, cloud infrastructure platform.

·         XenServer – secure, cloud-optimized virtualization platform

            Cloud Networking Products:

·         NetScaler® Cloud Gateway – sits at the “front door” of corporate datacenters giving IT an easy, unified way to orchestrate the delivery of any mix of SaaS, web and Windows apps to end users on any device.

·         NetScaler Cloud Bridge – sits at the “back door” of corporate datacenters, giving IT unlimited capacity by seamlessly and securely extending any datacenter to any external cloud service, regardless of hypervisor or platform.

·         NetScaler SDX, MPX and VPX – powerful networking platforms designed from the ground up to serve as a “service delivery fabric” for virtual datacenters and clouds.

            App and Desktop Products:

·         XenApp™ and XenDesktop® – market leading virtualization solutions that let cloud providers deliver Windows apps and desktops as a service to any device.


Again congrats to the team. Watching what Citrix does in the cloud space should make for some interesting cloud gazing over the next few months.

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