Miscellaneous Thoughts from the First Day at Cisco Live this Year

IPv6, Cert Announcements (null), and virtualized IOS

As usual at Networkers, my schedule's a little tight to write something thorough about what's come up at the show this week. But even on the first full day of the show Monday, there were a couple of tidbits that came up that I think matter to the Cisco cert world - if not immediately, then sometime down the road. Today I'll give you a few quick hits from what I've heard so far.

Virtual Environment for IOS from Cisco - Closer?

You regular readers I'm sure remember the occasional discussion of whether Cisco would ever make a virtual IOS capability available (read: Dynamips/GNS3 equivalent from Cisco). Specifically, it would be the same stuff that forms the basis of the virtualized routers in the CCIE R/S lab's troubleshooting section and Cisco Learning Labs. Last time I asked, the answer was basically a polite "nothing to say right now", with no real indication of whether anything could ever happen, or not.

Well, informally at least, I learned that there is real work happening related to how to make this capability available to us. There are people working on the particulars of how to do it. That doesn't mean that it's 100% for sure going to happen, or that it's just a matter of time, but the mechanics of what Cisco would deliver to us is getting attention.

To me, that seems like a very positive step!

Cisco Learning Network All-Stars

If you don't know what Cisco Learning Network is, and you are prepping for Cisco certs, go, sign up, participate. It's a wonderful place to get help and to help others with questions related to Cisco certs.

Anyway, within the first day here, I saw four of the most frequent posters of info on CLN: Keith Barker, Scott Morris, Paul Stewart, and Anthony Sequiera. It's been nice to be able to say thanks to them for all the hard work they do there. Again, thanks!

IPv6 Planning, Deployment, and Operations

Monday's first session for me was on IPv6 planning etc. It was in a sizable room for a Networkers breakout session: 800 signed up, and most every seat was taken. I don't think I've ever been in a Networker's breakout with that many people. It makes me wonder, how many people were really doing IPv6, and how many were there to figure out if other people were doing it? But the numbers were impressive.

Cisco Cert Announcements Today?

Tuesday is usually the day of the week at Networkers when Cisco makes their cert announcements. There are none to talk about yet. I'll pipe back in Wednesday if there are any to discuss.

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