Swiss Army Bootcamp for SQL Server - complete with toothpick!

New Microsoft training for SQL Server 2008 R2 hits the spot

As an MCITP DBA and MCT, I teach the latest and greatest regarding Microsoft SQL Server. Global Knowledge is a Microsoft Gold Partner, so we use the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) for our courses, if available. If materials are not available, however, we develop custom materials ourselves to complement the MOC courses. The MOC SQL courses have varied in quality over the years. Thankfully, it looks like they are back on track with the latest revs. Back in 2000, we had the classic MOC 2072A “Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database”. This course was consistently in Microsoft’s top ten courses worldwide as the industry started to really use the database product. The course was high quality, with multi-media segments, meaningful graphical slides, useful animations, great exercises and complex code samples that worked. The student guide and companion CD provided everything you needed. The instructor guide was complete, even with video cameos by the lead subject matter experts. For me, this was, and still is, the yardstick for any training course. Fast forward eight years. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 came out in August and a few months later, a new course MOC 6231A “Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database” was published. Unfortunately, the quality of this course left a lot to be desired. MCTs had to work extra hard to bring together a viable training experience while avoiding the minefields inherent in the materials and labs. The MCT Newsgroup was buzzing with some colorful language, put it that way. Well, a new version of this course has been released and MOC 6231B has emerged as high quality training for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Not only that, but the content of the course is now focused on what a real DBA really needs to know. Instead of just walking through high-level features of the product, the training addresses real issues like stress testing, static ports for named instances, tempdb optimization, [url=]Instant File Initialization[/url], moving database files, orphaned users with mismatched SIDs, Server-side traces, DBCC CHECKDB, DMVs and DMFs all while using the latest R2 version of the product. And get this: the meaningful exercises and scripts work like a charm! Kudos to Greg Low, SQL Server MVP and his team, who have collectively changed the outlook of this course to be the “Swiss Army knife” for budding Microsoft DBAs. And here’s the toothpick: instead of a CD, you can now download companion content and scripts from the Microsoft Learning web site: look for course 6231B at: Have fun! Brian “SQL Server 2008 R2 for Administration” (MOC 6231B):

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