NASA teams with Chevron to build energy exploration technologies

NASA, Chevron expect to develop, test exploration, communication technologies

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Chevron today said they would partner to build a variety of energy sensing and drilling technologies that could be used on Earth and in space.

With the partnership known as Advanced Energy Technology Development, JPL said it will assist in the demonstration, development and commercial deployment of a range of technologies that include: valves to selectively control oil and gas flow from different geological formations in a well; single-phase pumping motors for continuous operation at the bottom of deep wells; sensors and electronics for drilling; and integrated management systems for monitoring temperature, pressure and flow rates in deep wells and assessing the health of drilling operations.  NASA said it expects the collaboration could advance technologies that could one day be used for exploring other planets.

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Chevron said the alliance is an opportunity to bridge public- and private-sector technology and research to discover oil and natural gas volumes that are found in deep remote reservoirs.

The alliance is also part of a long term strategy NASA has in place to get its advanced technology out in the commercial marketplace.  Through its National Space Technology Applications Office and the California Institute of Technology, which manages JPL for NASA, all manner of technology is licensed to four key communities: civil, commercial, military, intelligence.

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