Close to the wire, Novacut nears its Kickstarter goal

Second time the charm for Novacut?

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Want people to open their wallets? Give a good deal on games. Want people to fund an open source video editor project with a big vision? That's a bit tougher, but the Novacut project looks like it might just make it the second time around. With more than two days and less than three thousand dollars to go, things look good.

The Novacut team is based in Boulder, Colorado, and they're trying to create an open source, collaborative video editor. According to the Kickstarter page, Novacut will have some nifty features. The editor will be designed from the ground up for HDSLR cameras, use a local machine or cloud environment for rendering and storage, and support ARM as well as x86 and AMD64 systems.

The team is trying to raise $25,000 for the purpose of creating a platform "to help artists make money by providing a distribution platform for free culture films and serials." At the core of this is the video editor and the first target is near and dear to many Linux users' hearts, Ubuntu:

While we'd love to reach every computer, and even TVs and tablets, Ubuntu is a great place to start. It's a pretty big potential market, which is being ignored by the competition, so we can get a leg up here with minimal effort, and since our core technology is already native to Ubuntu, it's even easier for us. This way, we can very quickly build a large fanbase to support great artists, and do it better because of our focus.

The other way to make artists more profitable is to save them time. Time is money as they say. If we can help artists save time, eliminate unnecessary risks, and make it easier and more efficient to collaborate, we'll have helped them tell their stories better, faster, and easier. This frees them up to be even more creative and helps them better connect with fans.

This is what the Novacut editor is all about, helping artists edit video better. Again, there's a lot of low hanging fruit here. The team has put a lot of effort into designing the user experience, focusing the design around saving time, reducing risk, and enabling collaboration. The UI will feature an efficient editing workflow and be designed to tie in with similar components when available, rather than becoming a complicated mega-application of its own.

The developers aren't just asking for money for development, though. As part of the package, they're offering time with the team ranging from 30 minutes (for a dirt-cheap $50) to a chance to meet the entire team for a day ($1,000 plus your own travel costs). You can also go cheap and get your name on the backer list (just $10, cheap!) or go on the backer's list and get credit in the editor as well for $25.

As I write this, Novacut has a bit more than two days (53 hours) to make its goal. If not funded by 11 p.m. EDT Friday, the project gets nothing. So far, 671 people have signed up as backers. Most are at the $10 level, but quite a few people (40) have signed on at $50 or more — and two people want to BBQ with the Novacut team badly enough to cough up $1,000 or more. So the majority of funding, if it happens, looks to be coming from a few hundred people who are willing to pony up in the range of $10 to $49.

Here's hoping they make it. It'd be interesting to see what they achieve.

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